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Child custody is often one of the most contentious legal matters in a divorce. This may be partly due to all of the factors that courts will consider when deciding this issue. Overall, Texas courts favor joint custody as being in the best interests of the child, which is their most important guideline. Courts prefer that children continue to have an ongoing and meaningful relationship with both parents unless a specific reason would advise against it, such as an issue of domestic violence or abuse.

At Willeford, Duff & Council we understand the emotional turmoil and uncertainty that can surround a child custody matter. These cases can be highly charged emotional battles. Our team approach is to help you understand the process and what the courts will look at, as well as to advise you every step of the way so that you can make informed decisions that are in the best interests of all parties concerned. Our Greenville child custody attorneys are well-versed in the laws pertaining to this issue and how local courts come to their conclusions based on the evidence presented.

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Understanding Child Custody Laws in Texas

Under Texas law, child custody is called conservatorship, and it involves both legal and physical custody. Legal custody means that the parent has a right to make decisions concerning the child’s upbringing. Physical custody refers to where and with whom the child lives.

Custody decisions can include:

  • Joint custody, where the child primarily lives with one parent but both have legal rights to make decisions about the child’s education, healthcare, religious upbringing, and other issues
  • Sole custody, where the child lives year-round with one parent who controls his or her upbringing exclusively
  • Shared custody, where the child alternates living with each parent and the parents share legal custody issues

Factors Influencing Child Custody Decisions in Court

  • The child’s preference if they are old enough to make a decision
  • The stability of the home that each parent proposes
  • The needs of the child, the parenting abilities of both parents

Courts will not award custody where the potential of neglect or danger may exist. A parent’s behavior during court proceedings in this matter can influence how courts will come to a decision.

Due to the complexity of this matter and its emotional content, we recommend that you consult with a Greenville child custody lawyer at Willeford, Duff & Council for experienced and dedicated legal representation.

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